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Storing too much jewellery and valuables in the house at times becomes a security issue and an impediment in case of natural calamities.

Raj Bank offers you, a safe, trustworthy space to store your valuables, jewellery, documents and other things dear to you.

Key Benefits
»  Safe deposit vaults with fully equipped, air conditioned and latest security system.
»  Available in different sizes as per your requirement.
»  These Lockers and their contents can be nominated to people near and dear to you.

Terms & Conditions
»  There are two option available for lockers.
    A  Rent Method
    B  Deposit Method
Customer can opt any of the above method at his choice . For further detail please contact nearest branch.
»  For obtaining a Locker at the Raj Bank , you must be an account holder with our Bank
»  Lockers can be allotted both individually as well as jointly.

Rent Method
Customer have to payt advance rest at the time of allotment of locker , and before end of the each financial year customer he has to pay advance rent for the next financial year.
»  Fail on which Bank reserve right to get penalty for non payment of advance locker rent.

Deposit Method
»  A minimum Locket Deposit for different type of lockers is to be deposit along with 1 year advance rent . And such deposit will be accepted under
    a saving deposit under the banker's lien.
»  Bank will recover locker rent as decided by the board from time to time from locker deposit interest.
»  An separate passbook will be issued by the bank for locker deposit.
»  For closure of locker bank will recover current year locker rent from locker deposit and remaining amount will be paid to the locker holder.
»  The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons who can operate the Locker and can have access to it.
»  For the annual rental rates for these Lockers (To be recover from Locker Saving Deposit) , CLICK HERE.

Rates of Rentals
Annual rates and locker deposit of rentals of lockers of various sizes are as under : (Inclusive of Service Tax)

Except Ahmedabad Branches
Specifications of Lockers Annual
Class of
Internal dimensions in mm.(approx.) Rent
Locker Deposit Rs.
Height Width Depth
A 125 175 492 225 10000
B 125 352 492 275 20000
C 278 352 492 340 30000

For Ahmedabad Branches
Specifications of Lockers Annual
Class of
Internal dimensions in mm.(approx.) Rent
Height Width Depth
A 125 175 492 225 Inclusive
C 125 352 492 275  Inclusive
F 278 352 492 340 Inclusive
D 189 263 492 400 Exclusive
E 159 423 492 450 Exclusive
B 159 210 492 250 Exclusive
G 189 529 492 550 Exclusive
L 404 529 492 900 Exclusive

For further details, please contact the Raj Bank nearest to you.