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Loream ipsom
The Key Elements of our strategy are
› Sharing the vision
› Structuring Resources
› Transparent Management
› Capitalize business opportunities
› Leverage our brand
› Distribution capability
› Proactively Adopt Technology
› Devlope Human Capital
› Expansion a profitable Business › Expansion is the way of life
The bank offers the loan against National Saving Certificates/ Kishan Vikas Pratra as well as Life Insurance Policies.

1.  Easy procedure for availing the lending facility.
2.  Lien of the above security is required for getting the advance under this scheme.
3.  Easy installments and repayment schedule.
4.  Easy documentation
5.  No need to disinvest your hard earned money for short term requirements.
6.  We make it possible for you to finance you with the help of your investment avenue without
7.  Simple allocation form and procedure, Prompt disbursement